Lutheran Campus Ministry

Our mission here at Good Shepherd as host to Lutheran Campus Ministry in the Northern Great Lakes Synod of the ELCA is to provide a safe and welcoming place for students, staff and faculty. It is also to creatively and bravely engage life’s challenges through higher education.

We are a welcoming, inclusive, and non-judgmental community. ALL (really!) are welcome to participate, whatever your religious background or creed. Conservative or liberal, introvert or extrovert, city person or country person, engineer or English major, queer or straight, questioning or certain, there’s a place for you here. Though it says “Lutheran” in our name, you don’t have to be Lutheran (or even know anything about church) to get involved.

We are a community that openly engages in social justice concerns.

We are a community that loves to open its doors to students.

Diversity & Inclusion

In 2018, our congregation initiated a diversity and inclusion initiative which aims to extend our internal culture of respect and participation to our broader community. This was our means of living out our charge to “Respond to human need, work for justice and peace, care for the sick and the suffering, and participate responsibly in society." This has included a range of activities over the past few years from leading discussions on race, helping start the local Keweenaw Faiths United group, supporting the Indigenous People's Day Campaign at Michigan Tech, helping celebrate Martin Luther King Jr. day, marching for the rights of all, and many others.

Doctrine of Discovery

Our Northern Great Lakes Synod which declared the year from May 2020 to May 2021 as a time of reflection, education, and conversation within our congregations and church communities regarding the historical content of the Doctrine of Discovery and the impact it has had and continues to have on the indigenous peoples of this continent.

For more information about the doctrine and our efforts, check our our info page here.

Habitat for Humanity

Good Shepherd covenants with Copper Country Habitat for Humanity to commit financial and human resources in the following ways:

  • Pray for the ministry of Habitat for Humanity.

  • Actively participate in the International Day of Prayer and Action for Human Habitat, held each year during the third weekend in September.

  • Spread the word about Habitat for Humanity’s ministry throughout the community.

  • Organize work parties to help build houses locally.